Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Marketing, in today’s economy, is more about safeguarding than ever before. Why? Well, simply put, businesses are experiencing lower growth rate, having to part ways with established relationships, and in some cases letting go of employees just to maintain their marketing needs. So how do you stay competitive in a market that is more and more about saving valuable marketing dollars? This is the “Million Dollar” question. Do you simply stop marketing? No, as all smart business owners do, they focus their efforts in a more defined area of their business.

Fortunately there are a few areas of marketing that never change. Did you know the biggest secret in the marketing world? We are Visual people. I know amazing right? How did we came to that conclusion. It may seem overwhelmingly obvious, but most companies do not take advantage of the awesome powers of visual marketing. So, let’s explore how this small, but seemingly overlooked area of marketing can save you thousands while providing you the best Return of your Investment.

We are mobile people, so it is safe to say that a staggering number of people commute or use some form of transportation in their daily lives. How do you, as a business owner, take advantage of this never changing universal habit? With creative and visual graphics. Some examples include:

Lubbock Car Wraps
Lubbock Truck Wraps
Lubbock Van Wraps
Lubbock Bus Wraps
Lubbock Magnetic Signs
Lubbock Vehicle Lettering
Lubbock Boat Lettering

Because technology, creativity, & inspiration constantly surround our daily lives, you can take advantage of humanistic marketing that people, even though it may seem like they are not, are constantly aware of. Need more convincing? Let’s say you are a business, who must monitor all aspects of you marketing efforts. What provides your business with the best opportunity? Is it mail flyers, a few business cards, brochures, or strategically placed businesses cards? No, it is the thousands upon thousands of potential customers, driving daily, that see beautiful graphics (because we are visual) that represent your Brand anytime you are resting at a stop light, buying groceries, filling up on gas, or participating in community events.

At Delta Design we provide visually stimulating, head turning, and attention grabbing billboards that travel with you on a daily basis. We cover the entire spectrum of movable vehicles from golf carts to full body vehicle wraps. If you and your family like to visit the lake, we have you covered as well. Why not use a relaxing time to take advantage of potential business relationships? Love College Football? We can decorate any tailgating Van or Bus you might have to include magnetic signs that are unobtrusive and visual.

Why Lubbock Vehicle Wraps?

Truck, Car, Boat, Van, Bus, Magnetic, & Boat wraps provide the lowest cost per impression, and that goes for any form of advertising available. By utilizing a mobile and graphical representation of your Brand, you also provide your business with 4–5 year of consistent advertising without having to invest in multiple ventures that bring little Return of Investment. Take a look at these statistics:

The American Trucking Association (ATA) reported 91% of people surveyed do notice vehicle graphics.
The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement demonstrated that a vehicle can generate between 30K – 70K impressions daily.

The benefits get even better. The advertising cost over the lifetime of your wrap is, Hands Down more economical than trade magazine ads, radio ads, & static billboard advertising, with a far greater impact.

For further information or to discuss in greater detail, contact us today so we can provide your company with the most cost-effective advertisement you will ever know.