Servicing Existing and New Signage

Over time, every sign will become worn down or need some general repairs. When you need an old sign removed or a façade repair, what is the first step?

Old Signage

Adding a new sign to your building is not always as simple as it sounds. As your signage ages, new issues can arise. Apart from the general decision of finding the right sign for your business, there can be issues with old signs that you are wanting to remove. First, it’s important to sit down and know exactly what you are wanting. Do you want to simply repair your facade? Do you want new signage? Once you answer these questions, you will be able to take a step forward. Our team can sit down and assess this with you.

New Signage for your Business: Our Process

After you know what you want, thus begins the installation process. These steps include: removing old signage, patching the facade if necessary, and reinstalling your old sign/installing your new sign.

Removing Old Signs

When you are looking to update your signage, it is important to trust a trained professional. Removing and installing signage involves the use of heavy-duty equipment and trained professionals to ensure not only efficiency, but also safety.

Our team will safely remove old signs and handle the signage. Whether you want to dispose of old signage or simply store it until the facade is repaired, we will handle that.


When signs are anchored to the front of the building and are electrical, there are most likely penetrations for wiring that go through the wall of the building. Depending on your needs, we can help repair or update the building’s façade. If you are removing existing signs as you are moving into a new lease, it’s important to check the lease and understand whose responsibility it is to do the work.

If you need help with painting, we can discuss options, like hiring a commercial painter. We have been in the business a long time and have several options for you.

Installing New Sign

As we begin to install/reinstall signage, we handle all permits because we are a licensed Electrical Sign Contractor #18850, we will do all the paperwork at the city then once the job is complete we will turn the job in for a final inspection. Our team has years of experience installing several types of facades and structures. Our specialists install everything safely and ensure that it is up to code. Additionally, we ensure that our processes maximized the look of the sign.


At Delta Sign Design, we want to be open and honest about what your business needs. Our team prioritizes communication and integrity. Learn more about our services and procession by giving us a call today.

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