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Exterior Signage: Channel Letters

There are a variety of exterior sign options. From neon signs to channel letters, it can be hard to know where to begin or what your options even are. When it comes to your business, it’s good to know where to start.

Let’s begin with Channel Letters.

What is a Channel Letter?

Channel letters are custom made plastic or metal letters commonly used on commercial buildings. They are three-dimensional signs with separate illumination. Each letter is made using aluminum sheeting/acrylic. They are flexible and there are many ways you can go with channel letters.

Different Types of Channel Letter Signs

There are several channel letter sign options available. They include:

  • Front Lit Channel Letters – Front lit channel letter signs are the most common option. The front-lit option has an acrylic face, trim cap, and aluminum back.
  • Reverse Channel Letters – Reverse channel letter signs utilize a metal face and aluminum return. The letters are mounted and typically have more of a halo effect when lit.
  • Combination Channel Letters – If you have seen a sign that has a blue face and a red backlight, that would be a combination channel letter sign. They have an acrylic face, mounted with a trim cap, and an aluminum return.

There are several facets to channel letters including mounting and return.

Channel Letter Sign Price

Every channel letter sign is custom. There are limitless options due to the large number of variables including height, font, stroke, color, depth, mounting, and more. Like more sign design companies, you can get a quote. Depending on the different variables, the prices vary.


  • When you are shopping for exterior signs, be sure to consider what is required with your lease, zone classification, or local sign ordinance.
  • Long-term vision is important when you invest in new signage. Be prepared for higher cost upfront, but there is lower cost over time.
  • Don’t cut corners with your investment in exterior signage for your building. You want something that lasts and is the face of your company.

If you have any additional questions about channel letters, learn more here or contact our experienced designers today.



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