Electricians and Master Sign Electricians

Delta Signs and Designs creates beautiful signs that help to promote your business, increase its visibility, and add to its aesthetic. From wall graphics to window decals to channel letter signs you can see from the roadside, Delta Signs and Designs handles a variety of signs. Our work is always done professionally and to the highest of quality. We ensure that our signs are not only up to par with what the customer wants and expects, but also wired correctly so that it meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Delta Signs and Designs in Lubbock, Texas, is an electrical sign contractor with sign electrician apprentices and master sign electricians on staff to ensure that customers will receive the sign they want that is wired together per NEC requirements.

We want all of our customers and clients to know that they are getting exactly the sign they envisioned for their company and be assured that their sign meets all of the requirements that are put in place to ensure not only functionality, but also safety. Our signs are built by master sign electricians and sign electrician apprentices and are created with NEC requirements in mind alongside the design. The NEC requirements are as follows:

  • Electric signs, section signs, and outline lighting must be listed and installed according to the listing instructions, and if they are in a wet location, the markings must be weatherproof.
  • Sign outlets at the entrance of each space in a commercial or occupancy building must be provided.
  • Each circuit must have an externally operable disconnect system or circuit breaker.
  • The metal parts of the sign must be grounded and bonded to the transformer or power-supply equipment.
  • Signs and outline lighting must be at least 14 feet above areas accessible to vehicles.

Delta Signs and Designs works with our on-staff sign electrician apprentices and master sign electricians to ensure that you get the sign you’ve envisioned and that it meets all requirements. Contact us today for more information!

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