Accu-Bend and CNC Machines

ome of the most recognizable signs in the world are channel letters: the Starbucks logo, Great Clips, Carter’s, Hilton Hotels, and more. On any given day, you may pass two or three of these familiar logos on your daily commute. Channel letters are custom-made letters that are most commonly used as exterior signage on public or commercial buildings. They are often illuminated internally so they are easily seen at night or in the early hours (most Starbucks are open 24 hours a day.) If you are wanting to make your business’s exterior more noticeable and easier to see from the street, Delta Signs and Designs in Lubbock, Texas, has the machines that make channel letters possible.

The machines used to fabricate channel letters are the Accu-Bend and CNC machines. The Accu-Bend is the first machine in the world that will automatically notch, flange (attach a rib for support), and bend complete channel letters. The Accu-Bend comes in different sizes to allow for the biggest and smallest signs can be formed and your business can benefit from channel letters. CNC machines function a little bit differently from the Accu-Bend. These machines are electro-mechanical devices, and they utilize numerical controls to manipulate shop tools to make the signs. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and it is one of two of the well-known methods to generate prototypes (the other method is 3D printing.) Both machines can work with materials such as aluminum, polypropylene plastic, wood, copper, and more.

Delta Signs and Designs in Lubbock, Texas, has the machines and the expertise necessary to fabricate channel letters. A well-designed and easy-to-read sign outside your building can benefit your business greatly. To see examples of other channel letters we have done and to learn more about how we can help you, go to and call 806-771-3010!

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